McLaren and Pirelli



Next-generation supercars call for next-generation rubber. From the innovative Cyber™ Tyre technology that debuted on Artura. To the blistering velocity control of the McLaren GT’s P ZERO™ tyres. Our unique collaboration with Pirelli is changing the supercar landscape. Real-time communication with the road via tyre sensors. Instant reaction to changes in aerodynamic loads. Harnessing power, while always ensuring total control.

The driving force behind our collaboration is an ambitious goal: to start a new dialogue between car and tyre. And thanks to our advanced, fully integrated electronic tyre systems, there’s never been a more perfect harmony between technology and the all-important physical connection to the road. Enabling more driving pleasure, through ultimate precision.

McLaren and Pirelli

Thanks to the experience gained by Pirelli in Formula One as well as other high-profile motorsport championships, Pirelli’s engineers developed tyres that are capable of meeting the needs of the high-performance McLaren cars.

The development work with the bespoke tyres concentrated on both the structure and compound. The objective for the tyre structure was to ensure flexibility and grip, while at the same time guaranteeing enough rigidity to cope with high aerodynamic loads. In order to be sure of this versatility, the structure of the front and rear tyres have been developed individually to respond to the different demands placed on them. The work carried out on the construction obviously has an important effect on the compounds, which have been designed to warm-up quickly and complement the whole tyre’s rapid reaction to direction changes, while providing consistently high levels of grip.

The nanotechnology used by Pirelli in the design of these tyres allowed the Italian firm to develop ‘intelligent compounds’, which react instantly to adapt themselves to the varying forces acting on the car at any given time. These compounds make full use of the most advanced Pirelli’s technology during their production, to ensure complete precision in the compound mix.

To learn more about Pirelli tyre technology, visit Pirelli's website.


Pushing your limits relies on reading the road. Cyber™ Tyre is the first sensor-based system in the world that sends critical data from the road to your car in real-time. Analysing the input from sophisticated embedded sensors, Cyber™ Tyre delivers safety alerts and notifications direct to the driver. Always active, always automatic.

As well as providing precise running information, Cyber™ Tyre is also equipped to communicate performance-enhancing tips. From insights on when to change from summer to winter rubber. To optimal tyre temperature data on track. And personalised alerts based on individual driving styles. Allowing McLaren drivers to explore the full spectrum of their car’s power and performance, in ultimate safety.

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