McLaren 650S



McLaren 650S

McLaren 650S 的车厢是以驾驶员为中心纯手工制作的。 让我们看看其中考究的用料以及能提供独一无二奢华和刺激融合体验的赛车传承技术。

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McLaren 650S

McLaren 650S 配备了双面车门、倍受瞩目的侧面进气系统以及可调的全 LED 大灯,展现了与其惊人性能 相配的迷人外观。

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McLaren 650S

三秒加速至 60mph,最高速度 207mph,650PS 得益于一级方程式赛车五十年以来的成功,最终在公路跑车上得到应用。

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McLaren 650S
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After a selection process as rigorous as that used to choose our racing drivers, designers and engineers, we have partnered with handpicked retailers that share on of our core values that ‘good is not good enough'.

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McLaren 650S
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McLaren Qualified is the only way to be reassured that a pre-owned McLaren will be checked and qualified against the high standards of the experts that built it. Get all the benefits that only McLaren can provide.

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McLaren 650S
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MSO presents the opportunity to tailor your vehicle just the way you want and reach the ultimate level of personalisation.

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